Pottery by abc is located in Pinehurst, North Carolina, where Anne Borland Crabbe (hence the abc moniker) produces her own special brand of pottery.  Though most of her pieces are functional (bowls, cups, vases, urns, pitchers), some are purely decorative and created simply for the eye to enjoy.  Many pieces are both.

Anne’s pottery ranges from fanciful, as in her line of Critter Cups, to elegant, as in her tall slender vases.  And from pieces with simple flowing lines to pieces that are highly ornate with carvings and embellishments.

A unique feature offered by Pottery by abc is the opportunity for the customer to choose desired glaze combinations for many of the pieces in the collection.  In so doing, the piece can be customized to complement or accent a particular décor.

The glazes, which Anne mixes in her studio, are all free of toxic chemicals, making her pottery safe for use with food.  Her pottery can also go into dishwashers, ovens, and microwave ovens without fear of breaking from the heat.

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